P90x Days Four and Five

In Fitness on February 21, 2009 at 3:16 pm

So, my web host appeared to been having problems the past few days. I hope that’s cleared up. I was dying to post an update on P90x. I want to be as consistent here as I am in my working out … which hasn’t really been in top form on my first week.

Day Four – YogaX is intense! I love it. I couldn’t do the whole routine because of time constraints. But the amount I was able to do was enough to get me sweating. My back “ping” from the morning’s attempt at Ab RipperX got nice and loose. I really want to devote the whole 90 minutes to YogaX, so I’m thinking of swapping it out for XStretch and doing it on Sundays. That would mean doing the full 7 day program. But I can bring it!

Day Five – Well, day five actually got pushed to day six. Friday was a tough week at work. Lots of ridiculous stuff going on. While waiting for Mandie to pick me up, we all went over to Luckie’s of Baltimore for a beer. They twisted my arm!! It was a light (ick) domestic (doubley ick!), but I was well within my calories. I made a deal with myself. The one thing I will not do as part of getting fit is deprive myself. The one other thing I will not do in getting fit is go overboard. I am going to be so clean and committed the rest of the week to allow myself minor indulgences on Fridays or during the weekend. I did order steamed spinach with my half-sandwich instead of the curry fries though.

Anyhow, I just wrapped up Legs & Back with Ab Ripper X. My P90x pullup bar arrived, so I was finally able to do real pull-ups instead of using the resistance band. Again, I can’t do as many as I remembered doing when I was a kid. But I was able to keep pace and decent reps with the assistance of a chair. The leg stuff is fun!

Ab Ripper X was still hard, but I kept pace and only flopped a little bit. I think I need ankle weights or something to keep my feet on the floor when doing the situp-type exercises. I practically kick at the ceiling trying to sit up, and I know that’s going to change throwing out my back. Other than that, a great workout.


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