I have led a varied career since my first job in high school, working at Chuck E. Cheese. No, I wasn’t working in the kitchen. Yes, the fur suit itches. I have worked local video stores, video game testing, and even had a stint working for Nickelodeon. (pics to come once I can scan them)

I have a great deal of experience in the IT world. I have worked in internal and client technical support, quality assurance, and network security. I even have some help desk and desktop engineering notches in my belt. Yuck. But it’s sort of a requirement that you serve in the trenches at some point.

I have slipped free of the bonds of information technology and have enjoyed developing my regulatory compliance skills. At present, I spend my days in Downtown Baltimore, Maryland as a Security and Compliance analyst for a big ol’ company. but if you’ve got a gig you think I may fit into, grab my resume and give me a holler.

You’ll find a recent copy of my résumé here.

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